Label Dispenser Machine SH-408


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    The Tach-It SH-408 pressure sensitive label dispenser can dispense labels up to 8 inch wide on either a 1 inch or 3 inch core. Utilizing our state-of-the-art non-contact optical reader, this unit is easy to use, works on all types, styles, and shapes of labels that are either die-cut or butt-cut. Simple to adjust without any tools, our SH-408 is specially designed to handle heavy, large diameter rolls of labels, has a small table top design, a high speed motor and a label waste re-winder for operator and work place safety.

    • Automatic Label Dispenser.
    • Extra wide for labels up to 8 inch wide.
    • Uses a non-contact optical reader to detect all types of labels including transparent labels.
    • For die-cut and butt-cut labels of virtually and shape and material.
    • Heavy duty construction to support large rolls of labels.
    • Digital cycle counter and large roll diameter.
    • Re-winder for the label liner waste.
    • Fully portable and small table top design.
    • Machine: Length – 13 1/2 inch, Width – 10 inch, Height – 13 1/2 inch
    • Weight: 21 Lbs.
    • Label Size: Minimum - 3/8 inch Width X 1 inch Length, Maximum - 8 inch Width X 12 inch Length
    • Label Roll Diameter: 12 inch
    • Speed: 240 inches per minute
    • Power: 110 Volt / 240 Volt dip switch controlled
    • Core Size: 1 inch and 3 inch