Label Dispenser Machine - AP35

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    The AP-A35 is an easy to install and use 3 inch adaptor for the AP65-30 and AP65-60. Prior to the development of the AP-A35, the AP65-30 and AP65-60 Hand-Held Label Applicators could only use a label wound onto a 1 inch core. With the AP-A35, the labels can now be wound onto a 3 inch core. 3 inch cores are more popular in many markets and allow for a larger roll with more labels on it. This means less changeover time and easier use for the operator. The AP-A35 is lightweight and mounts on the AP65-30 or the AP65-60 by removing one screw from the applicator, placing the AP-A35 in the proper place and re-installing the screw. AP-A35 is ordered separately from the AP65-30 and or the AP65-60.

    • 3 inch core adaptor for AP65-100 Hand-Held Label Applicators.
    • Allows for use of 3 inch core labels.
    • Lightweight and easy to install.
    • Can be used on new or existing machines.
    • Reduces label changes as there are more labels per roll.