20" x 80ga x 5000 Static Dissipative Machine Film

Western Plastics

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    Stretch-It SDF: Static Dissipative Film is ideal for use in pallet wrapping products that are susceptible to static electricity. These types of products that can be protected by stretch wrap can include flammables, electronic equipment, paints and chemicals. Static Dissipative Film is also idea for applications involving the packaging of materials going into munitions plants and grain facilities. This durable stretch wrap also guards against ESD damage and from the elements. Static Dissipative Film exhibits high puncture resistance while clinging to itself so tapes or strap is unnecessary.

    This stretch wrap maintains all the same properties of conventional hand wraps without any of the static. Static Dissipative Film is ideal for utilization in applications involving products sensitive to static electricity. Static Dissipative stretch-wrapped pallets are static free, tight and secure in one extremely durable unitized load. Static Dissipative Film guards all stretch wrapped items or any palletized loads from dirt, dust, static or physical damage.