20" x 80ga x 5000' UVI Machine Film

Western Plastics

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    UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) stretch wrap is used in palletizing products for long term outside storage. Weather Machine Stretch Wrap is a clear stretch film which provides protection from the elements. The ultra-violet additives protects this stretch film from photo degradation while maintaining strength and load holding integrity during prolonged outdoor exposure.  UVI machine stretch wrap formulation is tested under controlled conditions (accelerated aging weatherometer).  

    Do we really need an UVI Film?

    UVI additives can be expensive. If you plan to store the film outside for any length of time, you need a UVI film. Most UVI films will last for an average of 3-6 months. It requires high concentrations of UVI to guarantee a film to last 9-12 months, which can increase the cost significantly.

    The effect of UVI additive is often seasonal and varies from one location to another.  A UVI Film that will last 9 months from September to May, could only last 3 months during June, July and August.