Revolution Power Stretch Wrapper (FREE with 63ga Film)

Quick Pak Inc

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SKU: Revolution PS-63

Price: $19,500.00
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    20" x 63ga x 5000' CLING-Tite Cast Machine Film

    50 rolls per pallet.

    5 pallets x 50 rolls = 250 rolls @ $78 per roll

    Total investment = $19,500

    This Pallet Stretch Wrapper is FREE to you, 100% with no strings attached or any type of contract.  

    Quick Pak is proud to introduce our new value priced semi automatic power pre-stretch pallet wrapper. This price competitive workhorse will give you years of trouble free operation.

    It will alleviate the problems associated with poorly hand wrapped pallets.The Revolution PS represents a totally advanced design with reliable technology in a sleek efficient frame to give you a rugged machine of unmatched quality.Revolution PS Low Profile Pallet Stretch Wrapper.
    Power Requirements: 115V / 1Ph / 15A dedicated service
    Maximum Load Size: 50” W x 50” L x 88” H
    Maximum Load Weight: 4000 Lbs dynamic
    Turntable: 59” diameter laser-cut steel plate
    -16 point cam-follower support system
    -Turntable height: 3.5” from floor
    -Safety surround ring encloses turntable
    Turntable Drive: 12-RPM rotational speed
    -1 HP AC variable speed motor
    -ANSI #50 direct chain drive c/w shock dampener
    Film Delivery: 200% Power Pre-Stretch film delivery system
    Film Capacity: 20" Wide Performance Cast Film
    Control Features: Simple to operate
    -LCD Screen and PLC
    -Single button automatic cycle start
    -Emergency stop button
    -Variable film carriage speed/carriage pause control
    -Variable turntable speed control
    -Auto load height detection photo-eye
    Other Features:
    All heavy-duty steel construction
    -1,500 Lbs shipping weight
    Environment Conditions:
    Humidity 98%
    Temperature range: 38F – 102F
    Noise: 75 DB
    Options: Heavy-duty steel ramp for pallet jack (41.5”W x 59”L)