Phoenix PLPA 2150 Low Profile Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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SKU: Phoenix PLPA 2150 Low Profile Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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    A Non-Conveyorized Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper PLPA-2150 is a portable, safe, reliable and easy to operate stretch wrapper. The operator does not need to get off the forklift, simply place the pallet on the Stretch Wrapper and pull the cord to activate the wrapping cycle. Includes an Automatic Film Cutter and Positive Film Tail Treatment with Timed Impulse Heat System, cold to the touch in seconds and safe to use! While it can be used as a stationary wrapping station, The PLPA-2150 offers the flexibility of being forklift portable from the Front and the Back, so it can be easily moved around your warehouse where or when you need it!


    Flexible & Powerful Operator Controls

    • Simple panel with operator friendly switches and knobs
    • Variable carriage speeds for film efficiency
    • Variable turntable speed control to match load stability


    Easy Loading Powered Prestretch Film Carriage

    • Reduce film costs with 245% Prestretch (10” off the roll = 34” on load)
    • Phoenix “Clearview” door lets operator see carriage operating
    • Dual stage door lock with electrical interlock for operator safety
    • Pull through film loading takes just a few seconds
    • Chain drive prestretch for rugged construction.


    Built to Last

    • Rugged all-structural steel construction reflects the durability of this machine
    • Steel weldments of the frame assembly are designed for maximum strength


    Advance Clamping System

    • Pneumatic driven clamp holds the film tail during rotation. The clamp releases the film tail at the end of the cycle and once the arm or table stops the film clamp is activated to close and hold the film for the cutting process.


    Automatic film cut and wipe system

    • The pneumatic controlled Cut & Wipe System automatically cuts the film and applies the film tail to the load.
    • A tension relief roller eliminates the tension on the cut wire, ensuring a longer heat-wire life.