PAC PSM1412-IC3A - 3/8" Table Top Strapping Machine

PAC Strapping

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SKU: PSM1412-IC3A - 3/8

Price: $980.00
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    Semi Automatic Plastic Strapping Machines

    Semi automatic machines have become affordable for even occasional users, and should be specified with semi-automatic strapping for maximum cost effectiveness. Sometimes referred to as banding machines, our semi automatic strappers are used in a variety of applications including bundling, carton closing, carton reinforcement and UPS unitizing.

    A low cost solution to your strapping needs…
    The PSM1412-IC3A is designed for general purpose semi automatic strapping. Although it is our lowest priced strapping machine, the low cost does not come at the expense of quality, consistency or reliability. Each PSM1412-IC3A comes with the exclusive PAC machine warranty, including on- line support for the life of the machine. We carry an extensive parts inventory and maintain over 99% parts availability within 24 hours. The PSM1412-IC3A has a convenient operators panel and externally controlled tension. In addition, all electronics are controlled with an integrated circuit control board to minimize down time and maintenance. Pricing on this unit is designed to expand the market to even the occasional user.