NWD High and Low Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Quick Pak Inc

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    The NWD stretch wrap dispenser is a lightweight, aluminum hand held dispenser for wrapping low to the floor without walking backwards or bending low.  Patented brake system ensures tighter wrap and less film wasted.  Made in the USA.  Keeps the user in a natural position to reduce back and work related injuries.  Accommodates various shaped pallets. 

    Achieves tighter wrapped pallets to reduce freight claims.  Self-oiling materials provides smooth, consistent action.  Tension control for preferred stretch. 

    Available for 1-1/2" core film, 2" core film and 3" core film. 

    Ships UPS.


    • Length - 60" Weight - 3 lbs.
    • Use with 11"-20" rolls of film
    • Use with various stretch films: Cast, Blown, Pre-stretch, Netting, Any color
    • Boxed size - 48"x4.5"x4.5" 4 lbs.