Mini Con Stand - Label Applicator Machine


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    Realizing a need in the market for a machine between automatic label dispensers and a full inline labeling system, Tach-It created our Mini-Con/Stand wipe-on label application assembly and control systems on a movable stand can be moved next any existing conveyor systems. Having full touch screen controls including; 5 memory presets, dwell timer for exact label placement and target counter. the Mini-Con/Stand Label Applicating system offers an inexpensive way to automate any labeling operation where there is an existing conveyor. Easy to locate, the label head uses a non-contact sensor to detect the label and can use labels up to 5 inch wide and 11 inch long. Using stepper motor controls, the control system has adjustable motor speed to match the conveyor speed to ensure smooth applicaton of the label in the precise desired location. If portability is important, we offer the MCU wipe-on label application assembly and control system with a movable and adjustable stand.

    • Automatic Wipe-On Label Applicator for use over existing conveyors.
    • Applies the label to the top surface of the product.
    • Avoids the costs of adding new conveyors to make space for an automated labeling system.
    • Touch Panel controls include target counter and 5 programmable memory presets for all computer functions.
    • Dwell setting in control panel for exact label placement on the package.
    • Stepper motor reliability.
    • Non-contact technologically advanced controls and label sensors.
    • No special operator training or tools needed. Easy to use and setup.
    • Other configurations and models available.
    • Machine: Length - 20 inch, Width - 24 inch, Height - Up to 64 inch
    • Weight: 100 Lbs
    • Label Size: Minimum - 3/8 inch x 5/8 inch, Maximum - 5 inch x 11 inch
    • Label Roll Diameter: 11 1/2 inch
    • Speed: 59 ft per minute
    • Power: 110 Volt / 220 Volt Dip Switch Controlled
    • Core Size: 3 inch