​Strap Bandit from Quick Pak Inc

Posted by Mike Cunningham on May 31st 2024

​Strap Bandit from Quick Pak Inc

The Strap Bandit is a revolutionary pallet threading tool, designed for corded and plastic strap. The durable, efficient design of the Bandit strapping tool enables users to easily feed the material under and through most wood pallets and plastic pallets while standing comfortably upright.

-Professional pallet threading tool.

-Faster and easier than any other threading tool.

-Thread pallets while standing up.

-Works on all pallets.

-Handles all plastic and corded strapping.

-Securely holds strap from thin to thick and any width.

Add a few to your next strap order from Quick Pak Inc. Call to order at 813 242 6995 or sales@quickpakinc.com