​Singleface Corrugated Rolls

Posted by Mike Cunningham on May 8th 2023

​Singleface Corrugated Rolls

A-Flute rolls are available from 2″ to 84″, and B-Flute rolls are available from 2″ to 96″. Both the Medium (fluted) and Liner (flat) sides of Singleface are made up of 23#/26# Medium which is a stock product. The basis weight of the medium side can range from 18# up to 33#, or higher, per customer’s request. Basis weight choices range from 18# to 69#, on the Liner side of Singleface. The Liner side can be constructed with either Medium or Linerboard, depending on basis weights available from paper mills. Roll lengths are from 50′ to 450′ for A-Flute rolls, and 50′ to 750′ for B-Flute. Singleface is a non-test product, which means there are no standard ratings for the product.

A, B, and E Flute:

A-Flute is the largest flute and was at one time the only flute size available.

B-Flute is a slightly smaller flute and will work well for most applications and is less expensive.

A-Flute and B-Flute can also be sheeted and die cut.

Typical End Users of Singleface:

-Lining the inside of containers and trucks.

-Peanut industry uses in containers.

-Protect commodities from nails and splinters during shipment.

-Protect products from dust and bird droppings, commonly moving and storage.

-Used as a pallet cover sheet, on bottom and top.

-Used to wrap unfinished picture frames and cabinets.

-Wrap cabinets and extruded aluminum.

-Inserts for cosmetics (E-Flute).

-Floor contractors use Singleface as a floor covering in new construction and remodeling.

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