​PVC Cling Film and Laundry Wrap in Stock

Posted by Mike Cunningham on Feb 7th 2024

​PVC Cling Film and Laundry Wrap in Stock

Quick Pak Inc stocks a large range of PVC Cling and Stretch films. We are a major distributor of polyvinyl chloride / PVC film. We carry an extensive inventory of PVC film, Laundry Wrap, Produce Film, Meat Films and even a line of Expanded Supermarket PVC films in a variety of colors, gauges, and size preferences. Our extensive stock selections are available throughout our warehouses in North America.

These films offer crystal clear clarity in a range of materials and thicknesses to suit all product requirements and budgets. Our films are designed to work effectively with your machine and tray choices, and print options are available to help you market and brand your products.

Customers want the clearest view possible of the food they are buying so they can be reassured they are getting the best products available. They also want to know their products are protected from contamination, puncture, or damage.

Designed to provide optimum results with manual or automatic wrapping applications, our range of films is suitable for every type of product. Our films, made from PVC provide the packaging solutions you require, from double layer films to improve puncture resistance to those with excellent anti fog properties.

With Quick Pak you can be confident we will deliver our promises in terms of security of supply, adherence to all regulations and technical support.

We know PVC and have a large inventory of cling films, laundry films, produce films, meat films and cheese films in stock. Call us today to discuss your PVC film application 813 242 6995 or email us at sales@quickpakinc.com