​Protective Packaging for Small Businesses

Posted by Mike Cunningham on Jan 20th 2023

​Protective Packaging for Small Businesses

Ever ordered something online and it arrived damaged? Well, you are not alone. Damage can be super frustrating and can create a negative first impression. This is where protective packaging comes in.

Protective packaging is crucial when you are shipping any product via FedEx, Amazon, UPS, and the USPS. You might be thinking, (well use newsprint paper) which is great for some products, but you may need to safeguard fragile products with extra cushioning and not just void fill. Getting your protective packaging right can have a significant impact on your customer experience and your costs.

Why should you use protective packaging?

There are lots of reasons you should choose protective packaging. Your packaging materials can have a huge influence on your costs, reputation and even repeat sales.

So, what are the reasons?

Packaging’s most basic function is protection, you want your goods to arrive at your customers intact.

Let us consider the impact damages and returns can have on your business. Every time goods in a package arrive damaged:

The customer feels frustrated. They will have the hassle of making a complaint and returning the broken item. Your reputation is harmed. The customer may not want to buy from you again. Costs go up. You are paying for reverse logistics, replacement product and additional handing. The environment loses too. Returning a damaged product doubles the carbon cost of the transaction (it triples it if you must ship out a replacement).

However, if you get your protective packaging right, it can have a huge positive impact. Firstly, you will reduce operating costs, secondly, you will reduce handing, and thirdly, you will lower your impact on the environment. And, as a final benefit, you can also enhance your customer experience. This is especially important: from YouTube to TikTok, unboxing videos are loved on social media. The more impressive your packaging, the more likely people are to talk about it.

Do not underestimate this style of marketing either, as 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising. Why wouldn’t you want them to have that positive customer experience? It could lead to more sales!


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