​Phoenix PL-2150 Stretch Wrapper Using Custom Printed Stretch Film

Posted by Mike Cunningham on Apr 2nd 2024

​Phoenix PL-2150 Stretch Wrapper Using Custom Printed Stretch Film

Four Phoenix PLP-2150 stretch wrappers getting the power pre-stretch gearing set perfect for the new custom printed from stretch film from Quick Pak Inc.

Many of our customers take their packaging to the next level by incorporating printed stretch film into their production and shipping. Printed stretch film features colors, graphics, and text that customize your wrapped products and make them stand out from items wrapped with standard semi-transparent stretch film.

Printed stretch film offers many benefits for companies, but one of the biggest is the ability to customize your packaging. This makes printed stretch films great for promoting your brand, sharing critical information like shipping and handling instructions, or simply creating memorable packaging that makes your products stand out. With a little creativity, you can use printed stretch film to design something completely unique and transform the way you package products.


With high quality printing on white opaque, clear or color tinted stretch film, this will give your pallets that professional touch.

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