​Pallet Netting for Faster Cooling and Freezing.

Posted by Mike Cunningham on Feb 8th 2024

​Pallet Netting for Faster Cooling and Freezing.

Wrap-Net is a knitted pallet wrapping net typically used for palletizing fresh produce which requires ventilation. This product can also be used with frozen foods, seeds, turf, flowers, plants, aggregates, lumber, firewood, and bricks.

Wrap-Net is proven to save 50 to 60% of the costs of strap & corners packaging method currently the most popular fresh produce packaging solution world-wide.

Standard Pallet Netting. High Density Polyethylene netting is suitable for general purpose airflow pallets. Knitted netting is best for products that require air flow. Also prevents condensation and even ventilation.

100% BREATHABILITY: Eliminates condensation caused by heat trapped in the regular film that can damage your product.

TRI-DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: A grip that touches every side of the pallet contouring around any shape offering tri-dimensional stability while maintaining a soft constant pressure on the product.

BUILT-IN MEMORY: A built-in memory that helps maintain width, providing excellent pallet stability with only little over-lapping whether used in a wrapping machine or manually.

100% RECYCLABLE: Made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene.

Cools the load faster and maintains regular air flow during storage. Wrap-Net is perfect for wrapping loads that require fast cooling. Regular stretch wrap acts as an insulation for the load, increasing cooling time.

Wrapping pallets with Wrap-Net allows air to flow through the pallet, cooling the load faster. With Wrap-Net, freezer temperature is not required to be as low, therefore reducing electricity costs.

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