​How to Measure a Corrugated Box

Posted by Mike Cunningham on Mar 13th 2023

​How to Measure a Corrugated Box

The dimensions of a corrugated box always refer to the internal measurements (the usable space that your products will go in), not external; this is because different grading and fluting, it can alter the thickness of the corrugated board itself. Corrugated box dimensions are usually expressed as: Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H).

Length = the longest opening dimension

Width = the shorted opening dimension

Height = the dimension from the top of the opening to the base of the box (sometimes referred to as depth).

The corrugated boxes you choose should accommodate the range of product you stock – from the smallest item to the largest – as well as any protective packaging (e.g., air bubble wrap or paper cushioning) you’ll need for shipping.

Ensuring you get the size of your corrugated boxes right is important, due to the effect across your supply chain, from minimum order quantities, through to storage and customer experience.

Quick tip – If your corrugated box is too big, it can lead to product damage through in-pack movement and excess packaging waste. Too small might have to reduce how much protective materials are used, meaning increase product damages.

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