​How to Get a FREE Pallet Wrapping Machine.

Posted by Mike Cunningham on Sep 15th 2023

​How to Get a FREE Pallet Wrapping Machine.

When something sounds too good to be true, we tend to think it’s not true. Yes! Receiving a pallet wrapping machine free sounds like it’s too good to be true. Here’s how it works…

To avoid the capital outlay of purchasing a pallet wrapping machine, we offer many alternative payment options to further assist with your packaging needs. These options include free machines based on consumable supply and machine rental.

Free Pallet Wrapper Deal.

Our Free Machine Deal offer is unique to the industry. We will give you a pallet wrapping machine free based on the supply of our award-winning stretch film. Reduce your labor costs and save 50% on stretch film usage with a free pallet wrapping machine.

Rent a Pallet Wrapper.

Our Machinery Rental Program allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of having a machine while avoiding the capital outlay of purchasing the machine. From only $350 month, our pallet wrapping machines are made affordable enough for everyone. Compared to hand-wrapping pallets, we guaranteed a machine will reduce stretch wrap usage and reduce labor costs.

Hand wrapping pallets in a 100 degrees warehouse is by far the worst job. With employee retention being such an issue today, do yourself and your company a favor and get a stretch wrapping machine and give the employees a break, take the suffering out of that job!

Get your machine today call 813 242 6995 or sales@quickpakinc.com. We have over 50 stretch wrappers on the floor today ready to ship.