HMG-HD3 Hot Melt Glue Gun


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    The HMG-HD3 heavy-duty hot melt glue gun model from Quick pak, Inc. is ready for 24/7 usage in a variety of gluing applications. This adhesive applicator comes equipped with stroke adjustment screws that control flow amount, an on/off switch that allow users to turn off the gun without unplugging, an adjustable thermostat, an ergonomic handle, and a strong integrated support stand.

    Features of the HMG-HD3 Hot Melt Glue Gun:

    300 watts, 120 volts
    Accepts 1/2” diameter glue sticks
    A huge 4-pound per hour melt rate!
    Weighs 1.6 pounds
    Variable temperature from 250° to 420° F
    One-year warranty
    Available adapters and nozzles for hot melt adhesive applicators include:

    HMG-NAD is an adapter needed for HMG-N1 and HMG-ND nozzles.
    HMG-N1 nozzle applies 5 thin strips of adhesive 1/8" apart (for use with HMG-HD3 only).
    HMG-ND has a larger opening to apply a larger drop of adhesive.
    HMG-HN is the standard nozzle for the HMG- HD3 Heavy Duty Glue Gun.
    Hot melt glue guns are typically classified as low-temperature or high-temperature. Low-temperature glue guns usually heat up to about 250°F and are well suited for delicate work, such as applying adhesive to lace or cloth. High-temperature hot melt glue guns generally heat up to around 380°F and are used for heavy-duty projects.

    The added advantage of a variable temperature control means that the HMG-HD3 hot melt glue gun allows a user to complete a wide range of projects with all glue stick types.

    For operations that require versatility at an economical price, Quick Pak’s HMG-HD3 hot melt glue gun is the only choice. Although this model is compatible with vast array of glue sticks, selecting the one that best matches your application needs will help you maximize performance. See our assortment of hot melt glue sticks for product-specific information.