GB121212515 Airspace Bubble On Demand Film

Intertape Polymer

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    Monthly Usage Required for G6 Airspace Pillow Machine. 

    Resource Number: GB121212515

     12" x 15" x 1.57 mil x 1500' Roll

    1.57 mil IPG Bubble on Demand Pillows Lightweight, perforated for easy separation and made of non-abrasive poly which will not scratch the surface of your product.  Reusable and recyclable, with disposal requiring a low volume in landfills when deflated.

    1500' length rolls engineered to save you money by minimizing roll changeovers and limiting down time, increasing productivity, and using fewer rolls per order – reducing valuable inventory space!

    Soft, transparent film allows your product to be seen while secured.

    No messy loose fill to contend with.

    *Can only be used on the Airspace G6 Machine

    *Makes a 12" x 12" Inflated Bubble on Demand Sheet.