EP-225 Safety Carton Opener-Hook Knife

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    A utility knife is a fantastic tool to have in the toolbox and warehouse. It cuts with a removable razor blade, so the edge is both incredibly sharp and very disposable. That makes this type of knife ideal for all of the grunt-work cutting jobs that are too difficult for scissors and too dulling and damaging for a nice pocket knife. 

    Though sometimes called a box cutter, the term “utility knife” is much more apt for this multipurpose hand tool. A good utility knife serves a wide range of cutting needs, from slicing through the tape on shipping cartons to scoring drywall, stripping wires.

    Today’s utility knives are designed to suit a range of users—so it pays to choose the right one for your specific needs. We stock many different models so be sure to get the right one for your specific application.

    Safety Carton Opener - Hook Knife 
    Blunt Metal Nose for Cutting Tape 
    Soft Grip Handle 
    12 per Box