AMP Shrink Bundling Film - 20000 Lbs Quantity

Quick Pak Inc

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    Quick Pak’s Polyethylene Shrink Bundling Film with 100% virgin resins.  Shrink Bundling Film packs products for maximum security with excellent puncture and abuse resistance, as well as tight bullseye closures for easy carry and handling. Available unprinted or print-ready, our Collation Shrink Film provides an outstanding combination of creep resistance, strength, and high shrink force properties required for pallet and load stability.

    This film offers consistent performance across machine types, including a wide variety of heat tunnels, and is ideal for high-speed packaging lines. This Collation Shrink Film is evaluated for mechanical, optical, and processing performance.  Keep multi-pack products on full display with unprinted film and let the product inside advertise itself with exceptional film clarity or meet customer printing needs with glossy film appearance.

    Manufacturing Capabilities:

    Film Width: 12” to 126” 

    Gauge: 1.25mil up to 10mil

    Density: Low, Medium, and High

    Surface Modifiers: Antiskid, Slip Agent and Non-Slip Agent

    Color: Full and Spectrum

    Venting: Regular Holes, Butterfly Holes, Pin Holes

    Grades: Food, Non-Food, and Commodity

    Printing: Logo, Warning Labels, Text

    Custom Slitting: Can slit film down to 3” Wide