51" x 49" x 97" x 3.0mil Clear Pallet Cover

Quick Pak Inc

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    Extra-large plastic bags for covering pallets during shipment. Easy to use, just slips over the top of the pallet and drops down to cover the entire product. Widely used to cover pallets that will stored inside or outside. Also great for shipping to and from various locations.  Protects your product from the weather, dust, paint, water, snow, and other types of debris. 

    Pallet Covers can also be used as liners for bins and inside corrugated Gaylord boxes, metal bins and storage boxes. Covers are also available in a shrink bag. At Quick Pak Inc, we offer an extensive selection of pallet bags in stock and custom sizes. Custom pallet bags are available in tinted and opaque colors.

    All products are FDA & USDA approved.

    Pallet Covers save you money by providing excellent protection from dust and moisture. Don’t risk your valuable inventory: pallet covers are a low-cost insurance policy against damage

    Protect items and help reduce waste
    Available in all common sizes
    Available in a variety of gauge thicknesses to match your needs