5" x 80ga x 1000' RED Ext Core Banding Film

Western Plastics

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    Stretch Banding Film in Colors.

    Quick Pak’s Colored banding film is designed to stick to itself, not the product it’s wrapping. It allows warehouse users to wrap, stack, and secure pallets with ease and peace of mind knowing they won’t come loose. Banding film is ideal for bundling units and helps protect products and packages from damage during transport.

    Colored Banding film’s elastic memory means it can stretch significantly from its original length. The film tries to return to its original shape and form after wrapping, resulting in a tight, secure wrap. This process ensures bundles will not come undone or need to be rewrapped during transport.

    Choose from the most common sizes of banding film available for immediate delivery or customize banding film to various sizes, gauges, and colors as needed. Standard banding film sizes range from 3″ to 5″. However, our technology allows us to provide widths from 1″ to 70”