32" x STD x 5000 PVC Laundry Wrap

Western Plastics

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    32" x STD x 5000 PVC Laundry wrap film keeps linens, laundry fresh — clean and crisp or fluffy soft — just the way they arrived at your store room, ready to be put into service when you need them.

    Laundry Wrap Features:

    Bundling and protection of table linens, bed linens, uniforms, towels, and rags during laundering, as well as internal and external transit and storage.

    Keeps linens, and laundry fresh and clean, crisp, or fluffy soft.

    Self-adhesive cling: Does not require staples, tape, or strings, making it easy to transport and stack without slipping.

    Made of specially formulated PVC film.

    Stretches for firm hold.

    Clings for minimal slippage.

    Water resistant.

    100% Recyclable.

    Superior strength & impact resistance.

    High clarity makes contents accessible and easy to identify.

    Protects against dust, dirt & moisture.

    Stretches farther to use less film per package.

    Stacks without slipping and sliding due to inherent cling-ability of film.

    Eliminates lost tags: Tags go inside and are easy to see without opening the package


    PVC Laundry Wrap Applications:

    Apparel, Baling and Bundling, Cleaning, Dirt and Dust Protection, Industrial Laundry, Linen, Uniform, Dry-Cleaning and Packaging.