3/4" x 60yd Filament Tape

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    3/4" in. X 60 yards 100 lbs./in. tensile strength filament tape is reinforced by fiberglass, and has superior adhesion for light to medium loads. It can be used to close, reinforce, bundle, unitize, hold, seal, and in some instances become part of an end-use product.

    Strapping or filament tape is a pressure-sensitive material that allows for bundling applications, carton closing and sealing reinforcement package,unitizing loads, and securing products during shipment. Strapping tapes have reinforcements of tensilized polyproylne, polyester yarn or glass yarn filaments. They vary in tensile stregnth and adhesive types including: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, modified synthetic rubber, and clean removal.

    Additional applications of filament tape beyond packaging include metal coil tabbing, residue-free temporary holding of components in an assembly (appliances), and splicing of belting.