20" x 90ga x 5000' High Performance Cast Machine Film

Western Plastics

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    At Quick Pak Inc, we offer machine stretch film in varying widths, lengths and gauges to meet the needs of any packaging operation. Options of stretch include: high performance, cast, tinted, opaque, biodegradable and UVI.

    High performance machine stretch film is a versatile, strong wrap for applications requiring high-strength, puncture-resistant load retention. This allows for greater pre-stretch levels and the use of down-gauged film to reduce wrapping expenditures.

    Cast machine stretch film offers superior puncture- and tear-resistance to protect loads during transport. Cast film provides excellent optics and quiet unwind, in addition to outstanding strength and consistent cling. We supply a variety of products to ensure your pallets remain intact and secure.

    These films are designed specifically for machine application providing operators control over the quantity of film used, the application pattern and the amount of stretch to be applied.