20" x 80ga x 1000' Custom Printed Extended Core

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    Introduction To Printed Stretch Pallet Wrap.

    Printed stretch film is a versatile and cost-effective packaging material. It features high elasticity, transparency, and printability that make it ideal for product identification and branding. The film can be used to secure goods or bundles during storage or transportation while providing an opportunity to advertise the product with printed information, logos, barcodes, etc. Printed stretch film is used in many industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, electronics, and more. It offers excellent protection against dust and moisture while allowing users to quickly identify the contents inside the package. Additionally, this type of wrap allows for easy opening due to its tear-resistance properties. This makes it a popular choice among businesses that want maximum efficiency when packaging items such as pallets of goods.

    Custom Printed Stretch Film is a type of stretch wrap that is printed with specific graphics, logos, or text to identify and promote a particular product or brand. This type of stretch film is commonly used in packaging and shipping operations to secure items on pallets, providing branding and identification while also providing stability and protection during transportation. Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap has several advantages like inventory control, improved load appearance, advertising, and as a deterrent to tampering.

    We can print on the following stretch film: Clear, White Opaque, Black Opaque, All Color Tints.

    We can print on the following film thickness: 63ga up to 150 ga stretch film.

    We can slit the film from 2” up to 30” wide and every size in between. 

    We can wind the film on hand film, machine length film, extended cores, flush core banding film, narrow width machine film and bundling film.