Wondering how you can make your stretch wrapper more efficient?

Retrofitting your stretch wrapper with modern assemblies and upgrades is a cost effective way of improving stretch wrapper efficiency, while reducing stretch film costs. In many cases, a simple retrofit can restore an older stretch wrapper into an efficient stretch wrapping system, at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Here are just some of the many situations where one would benefit from retrofitting their existing stretch wrapper with a cost effective upgrade:

  • - Increased film consumption (reduction in film pre-stretch).
  • - Load retention issues.
  • - Changes in product and/or wrapping requirements.
  • - Downtime due to maintenance issues with older assemblies.
  • - Availability and higher costs associated with some older assembly spare parts.
  • - Increased speed and throughput requirements for existing production lines.
  • - Quick Pak offers a wide range of custom designed assembly upgrades that can be easily retrofitted to your older wrapper, including:

Insta-thread Film Carriage:

You are likely to pay for this upgrade by just the film savings alone. This enhanced carriage allows for much easier film threading, while offering our patented technology for superior film force control. It’s time to take advantage of this upgrade and reduce your film usage, lessen maintenance needs and simplify operations.

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