Printing Terms and Conditions

Adhesive Application

• Acrylic adhesive works well in hot & cold conditions. Has a longer shelf life.

• Hot melt adhesive works well with cartons with a high degree of recycled content. Feels 'tacky'.

Art & Plate Charges

• One plate per color

• One-time charge for first printing plate: $65.00

• Each additional printing plate: $45.00

• Artwork submitted that does not meet print quality standards (this will be discussed at the time of submission) will be billed at $85.00 per hour, minimum of one hour.

• We retain printing plates in our files for 3 years after that plates are discarded.

• Plates remain the property of Quick Pak Inc


• Prices are subject to change without notice

Order Approval

Signed approval of artwork proofs and /or order acknowledgements required before production of all orders.

Order acknowledgements and/or artwork will be sent via email when possible.

If you do not receive these documents within 2-3 days, please call us to verify receipt purchase order.

Print Production & Quoting

Approximately 21 working days after approval of artwork and/or order acknowledgement. Occasionally we will request a copy of the artwork prior to quoting, we do this to ensure accurate pricing based on artwork submitted.

There is a 3 case minimum for any and all PMS color matches on either plastic or paper tape.

Quantity and Packaging

• We reserve the right to ship 10% over or under the quantity ordered. Partial cases must be accepted.

• Plastic box tape is wound on plain cardboard cores.

• Reinforced Gummed & Non-Reinforced Gummed tape are not wound on cores.

• Packed in plain brown boxes.

• All tape products are printed and converted in Florida, USA


• Prices are FOB shipping point: FL 33351.

• Orders less than $3,000: prepaid or we can ship using customers UPS or FedEx Account numbers

• Orders of $3,000 or more east of the Rockies within the continental U.S.: prepaid to one destination

• Orders of $3,500 or more west of the Rockies within the continental U.S.: prepaid to one destination

FDA and safety standard compliance

Our clear, tan and white printed tape with acrylic and hot melt adhesive meets FDA specifications 175.105 and 177.1520. These tapes can be used in packaging, transporting or holding food when the tape is in indirect contact with food.

Our clear, tan or white printed tape with acrylic and hot melt adhesive also complies with the following safety standards concerning contact and ingestion by children ASTM F963-95 published 3/95,

CFR16 published 1/1/95, ANSI z66. 1-1964 revised 1972, European toy standard EN 71.3 published 12/88.

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