NEW Installation of a Revolution ST Pallet Wrapper

Quick Pak Inc has installed another Revolution ST Pallet Wrapper at one of our customers.  We encourage all companies to enter the automated pallet wrapping market with minimum cost and maximum benefits.

All palletized loads benefit from automated wrapping as opposed to using hand wrap film applied by an operator. Automated wrapping removes those Health & Safety concerns employers should have about the application of hand film which can cause serious back problems and associated trip hazards when moving around a pallet on the floor with a roll of film. Installation and operation of the wrapper is so easy and straightforward, there is no need for a time consuming, money wasting, on site demonstration.

For as little as $4,990 you and your company can soon be the proud owners of a Revolution ST pallet wrapper and start benefitting from cheaper wrapping costs (compared to hand wrap) from the first day it arrives on site.  Or you can get the machine free with film order (200 rolls)

Yes, just $4,990, send your vehicle to our warehouse and off you go - the machine is flat packed for on-site installation using your own, non-technical, staff. The machine comes with a detailed manual explaining how to install, connect and operate the machine. Installation is very straightforward and could not be easier. The mast is already pre wired internally and secured to the base with a fixed hinge so all you have to do is raise the mast and secure with the bolts supplied. The film carriage is already in place so everything is ready to go in a few minutes.  Should you experience any problems or need clarification regarding any part of the installation or operation you can call our tech support line and receive step by step help.

The Revolution ST Pallet stretch wrapper is a conventional turntable wrapper with vertical mast. Revolution ST  is supplied with a core brake film carriage which makes it ideal for wrapping a huge and diverse range of palletized loads using normal everyday stretch film as well as higher performing "pre stretched" films which are gaining popularity daily.

The machine comes with an electronic parts manual and a hard copy version which allows you to identify parts down to the last nut, bolt and washer.

As a reflection on the quality build of these machines, they come with a 3 year warranty (including wear parts if you are using our stretch film) giving you added confidence.

More information and to order: www.quickpakinc

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