Justifying A Stretch Wrapper

If you buy more than 10 cases of stretch wrap at a time, you can use less wrap and justify a stretch wrapper!

HERE'S HOW: Switch from hand wrapping to machine wrapping and save up to 66% in material costs alone, plus the labor savings!

image of turntable stretch pallet wrapping machine at quick pak inc

HERE'S WHY: Stretch film is engineered to be stretched. Because of the way it is engineered, when stretched, stretch wrap has more resistance to tearing and puncture. More importantly, when stretched, stretch film holds better. To see an example of this, try our elastic band test. Take an elastic band and pull it just until it begins to resist. Now, wiggle your fingers, the band doesn't pull back much. Now pull it much more and feel how it much tighter it holds your fingers. Like an elastic band, stretch film is made to be pulled tight.

Most people, when using stretch film by hand, elongate the film 12-15%. Stretch wrap machinery elongates the film by up to 265%! This means that every foot of film becomes nearly 3 feet long! That means you can use far less film (up to 66% less) and get better load holding. Modern equipment, using powered pre-stretchers, can offer similar savings over older automatic equipment without pre-stretchers. That means by upgrading to a new machine you can save even when currently using a machine to wrap.

When wrapping by hand, a worker is involved in 100% direct labor to the wrapping chore. With a semi-automatic machine, the user simply attaches the film, presses a button and then is free to perform other jobs while the machine does the back-breaking labor of stretch wrapping.Additionally, a machine will consistently do a better job. Not only can a machine stretch the film more but it can place it on the load perfectly every time.

When wrapping a load, the most important wraps are the top and bottom wraps. Most users wrap the top fine; but the bottom wrap is very difficult since you have to bend so low and then walk around the pallet. A machine can wrap at any level without a problem and can automatically "see" the top of a load with a photo eye and adjust to multiple size skids without adjustment.

Fully automatic machines require no operator at all, freeing quality workers for other more important and less back breaking jobs. It's hard to find good employees, and when you have them you don't want to lose them to difficult jobs and worker's compensation claims.

The bottom line is that new automatic and semi-automatic machinery saves time, money (use far less stretch wrap) and labor. This means that a stretch wrap machine can pay for itself in as little as a year, and often within 2 years. With our lease plans, monthly costs including lease payments and stretch wrap may be less than you are currently paying for stretch wrap alone!

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