Digital Artwork Requirements


When you are sending digital files to manufacture plates please include the pieces necessary to output them correctly.

Any missing fonts or graphics can result in incorrect artwork, and may delay turnaround time.


Adobe Illustrator: Windows version only

• Export you file as eps and convert text to outlines

• All artwork must be vector artwork (CLICK HERE). We can only accept EPS or AI files.

• Anything less will result in poor quality.

• We will not accept faxed artwork.


Photoshop: Windows version

• We do not recommend this application it is a difficult application to work in due to our printing process.

• Photoshop files should be saved as either an EPS, PDF, TIFF or JPEG in 300 DPI or higher.

• We cannot use PNG, GIF, or BMP files or images that are saved off the internet.

• 1 color designs can be saved as black & white bitmap tiffs in a high resolution 300 dpi or higher.

• We cannot accept multi-color CMYK designs.


• Send files as: .EPS or .AI

• No embedded files.


• Convert all text to paths, curves, or outlines (*vectors are - text that becomes an object and can no longer be edited as text). This helps to ensure that what-you-see-is-what-you-get. If this is not possible, send in PC compatible Type 1 screen and printer fonts used only for the job at hand.


• Please email to:

• We do not print Fluorescent or Metallic ink colors. We recommend Gold 132 for metallic gold and Cool Gray 5 for metallic silver.

• Minimums will apply for pms matches and flood coats over 50% coverage. Please call for quote

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