Cover-ALL Dispenser and Pallet Top Sheets

Cover-ALL Top Sheeting and Cover-ALL Dispenser

Protect pallet tops from dust, dirt, and debris allowing shipments to arrive factory fresh.

coverall dispencer and roll of pallet covers

Quick Pak’s Cover-ALL Dispenser and Top Sheets keeps pallet clean from dust, dirt, and debris allowing shipments to arrive factory fresh. Cover-ALL Top Sheeting eliminates the need for big bulky top sheeting rolls. The light weight, easy-to-apply dispensing system provides you with convenience and portability.

Each roll holds 150, 1.25 mil polyethylene sheets that are J-folded and perforated every 60". Easily separated at the J-fold, each sheet opens to a 60" X 60" sheet. The perforation provides for easy tearing eliminating the need for a knife.

The specially designed Cover-ALL Dispenser hold the roll and acts like your hands. The Cover-ALL Dispenser can be mounted anywhere – Floor, shelving, racks, Forklift even a stretch wrap machine.



Protects loads from dust, dirt, and other particles that might damage loads.

Cover loads when storing.

Resists moisture.

Use with stretch wrap machines to cover tops of loads.

Hang in the back of trucks to keep weather and road elements from getting to loads.

Cover surfaces while painting, moving, refinishing, or assembly.

Cover open containers.

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