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Revolution DWP-FSK Scale Kit

Revolution DWP-FSK

Model: Revolution DWP-FSK
The Revolution DWP-FSK Floor Scale Kit gives you the opportunity to build your own floor scale and save money. This floor scale kit is revolutionary and can help save your business money. It includes exceptional features, including the following:
• Instruction manual that provides fully detailed instructions for building a working floor scale for much less than the cost of buying a new scale.
• 4 NTEP load cells with feet – this will provide you with the ability to build an accurate, working scale.
• Conjunction box
• 4 steel spacer plates
• 8 heavy duty bolts
• NTEP indicator with an easy to read LED readout and screen.
No matter what business you’re in, this kit is ideal if you need to weigh heavy items but want to save money on equipment costs.

SKU:Revolution DWP-FSK

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List Price: $599.00

  • Width : Custom
  • Length : Custom
  • Gauge : Industrial
  • CasePack : 1
  • Cases/Pallet : 1
  • CaseWeight : 30 Lbs
  • Color : Gray
  • U of M : EA
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