Phoenix PRTL 2150A Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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SKU: Phoenix PRTL 2150A Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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    The Full Power of an Automatic Stretch Wrapper Without the use of Conveyors.

    The PRTL-2150A provides fully automatic stretch wrapping without the use of conveyors. Supports either pallet jacks and forklifts, simply place the pallet on the floor in the wrapping area, the operator then yanks the pull cord to start the automatic wrapping cycle. Use with unstable or very heavy loads where production rates requires automatic capability. 14 RPM, Up to 30 Loads Per Hour, Unlimited Load Weight. If you are on a budget and you want to maximize your productivity, the PRTL-2150A is the most Affordable Answer to High Speed Automation.


    Capacity: 52” x 52” Maximum load width size.

    Speed: 14 RPM Stretch Wrapping Speed. Up to 30 Loads per Hour. Fastest in its Class.

    Best in Class Wrapping Flexibility c/w Pushbutton Control provides all features as standard…. Including those not available (or an upcharge) on competitive models.

    Stretch Film Saving features such as:

    Separate 1-9 top and bottom wrap count provides up to 15% Savings. Apply only the stretch film required at the top separately from the bottom compared to competitive models that applies a common amount to top & bottom regardless of need.

    Separate up and down carriage speeds eliminates the time and wasted stretch film applied with competitor’s common speed control. (Up to 10% Savings).

    Standard Superior Features

    Unlimited Load Capacity

    Variable Speed Drives control all motors for maximum flexibility.

    Electronic stretch film tension control with Analog electronic Sensor provides the ultimate in feedback control.

    PLC controller with Pushbutton Operator Interface offers unlimited flexibility.

    Automatic Load Height sensing photoeye is mounted in the stretch film carriage with adjustable track.

    30 Loads Per Hour Production Rate. Higher production rates are available.

    14 RPM.

    Pneumatic Controlled Cut & Wipe System.

    Warranty period for this stretch wrapping system is 5 years.

    Guaranteed For Life Prestretch rollers with 245% prestretch ratio as standard.

     “Best in Class” Safety features:

    Film loading Safety Shut-off switch automatically shuts down power during stretch film loading by Operator.

    Easy Film Loading carriage with double lock door control for guaranteed locking.

    Mushroom Twist & Pull E-Stop Button.

    Stretch Wrapping Options:

    30" Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage Upgrade

    Extended Wrap Height - 96"

    Extended Wrap Height - 102"

    Many other options are available.