Pac SM65 Automatic Arch Strapping Machine

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Price: $8,700.00
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    The SM 65 is, quite simply, the best value available in today’s marketplace for strapping machines. At 65 straps per minute, it is lightning fast.
    Available in several different arch and strap sizes, the SM65 is an excellent strapper for a broad range of applications. The state of the art
    strapping head has 30% fewer parts than comparable strapping machines, and utilizes brushless DC motors. The result is a high speed strapping
    machine that consumes less power, requires fewer adjustments, and requires minimal
    maintenance. The extensive list of standard features on the SM65 is listed below. Plus, it’s
    backed by the best warranties in the industry, 99% parts availability within 24 hours, and
    unlimited, free telephone support for the life of the machine. If you are looking for a fast, reliable
    strapper that is operator and maintenance friendly, you can’t get a better value than the SM65.