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LitewrapperXT DP214 Cored Stretch Film Dispenser

The all New LitewrapperXT from Quick Pak Inc.

The Stretch Film used on this dispenser is Litewrapper Pre-Stretched Pallet Wrap.

Film is wound on 2" ID Cores (DP214).

Coreless stretch film – the future is here.  Why do you need a core?     

Benefits of the New LitewrapperXT with Coreless stretch pallet wrap:

- A patented system to wrap pallets by hand

- Ergonomics - walking forward, NO bending, NO back pain and NO burning hands

- Stronger & constant wrap, film is activated by the dispenser

- Less film, less time - wrap a pallet in less than one minute

- Stronger film - you need less walking around the pallet to get the right load retention

- No "neck down" better use of the film

- Cost savings: no core, no pay

- Bulk packed - saving on packaging costs - no cores - no cartons

- More pallets wrapped per roll, more rolls on a skid - less shipping costs to receive your stretch film

- Environment friendly - big waste reduction (no cores or boxes) - reduction of transport.

Start using this system today.  


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