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The HS series laundry wrapping table is a full-sized US Made wrapping table made from durable aluminum and stainless steel. The HS model laundry wrappers feature a double roll rack enabling a seamless transition between films.

The easy-glide heating drawer promotes easy operation during wrapping and sealing production. The HS laundry wrapper is capable of holding rolls up to 40 inches wide. The large 12"x30" hot plate makes it a great option for professionally wrapping towels, sheets, clothes, and many other products.

Each table includes:

* Easy-Glide Heating Area

* Large 12"x30" Hot Plate

* Standard 115v Power

* Stainless Steel Workstation

* Dual Film Rack

* Adjustable Film Tension

* Easy-to-Use Film Selector

* Quick-Adjust Heat Dial

* Fast Lock Casters

* Durable Solid Cut-off Rod

* Easy Open Work Area for Faster Film Threading

The HS laundry wrappers are used by schools, hospitals, and professional cleaners around the world. 

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