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Why should you change to Converted Pallet Wrap Stretch Film?

This sector has seen phenomenal growth over the last 10 years and occupies an ever increasing share of the growing US demand for stretch film / pallet wrap.  The larger users, such as supermarkets, have seen the light fairly early on and have swapped conventional hand film for the factory converted version, in order to reap the yield savings and ultimately drive down their costs to wrap a pallet.

With conventional hand wrap film, we are relying solely on the human element to maximize the yield values. With the converted stretch film, this is factory stretched to close to its optimal film “sweet” spot and maximizes all the film properties and ensures that the film is optimized correctly for improved load stability and containment. The film in use shows a consistent wrapping performance and benefits from minimal film necking.

The health and safety aspects of the pre-stretch film should also not be ignored.  The light weight rolls and the reduced energy required to wrap a pallet, both assists the user in safer and easier wrapping procedures and can significantly increase productivity levels.

The HYBRiD80 Plus converted stretch film from Quick Pak Inc is renowned as a leader in the converted film sector.  Produced from an advanced multi-layer co-ex blown film blend, this film type has high strength and puncture resistance values and has the added benefit of superior cling levels and excellent film clarity.

This converted stretch film also has the benefit of folded edge technology, which increases edge strength and creates superior roping effects when wrapping pallets.

The cores used for the HYBRiD80 Plus converted stretch products are stronger and thinner than many of the rival products and therefore, offer an improved “green” element to the product offering.

The HYBRiD80 Plus converted products can be offered in flexi –spec options of 13”- 15” - 17” - 18” and 19” widths and can be produced to various film thicknesses, to suit the application.  Hybrid80 Plus Converted film from Quick Pak Inc is available in both hand and machine length rolls.

The product innovation team at Quick Pak Inc has also been at the forefront of “coreless” film options and these products are gaining momentum, especially where end users wish to reduce waste and increase their eco footprint.

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