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Clearly and easily mark packages with warning messages using our standard printed tapes. With a variety of standard warning text to choose from, you can ensure your products are not inadvertently damaged by handlers.

Stock Warning Printed Tape

Should you require a tape with a personalised message, you should investigate our custom printed tape option.

Standard printed tapes

All our standard printed tapes are low noise, and therefore are a great choice for busy operations where noise reduction is important. The clear red text on these tapes are hugely important when shipping goods that require handling in a certain way.


  • Material/carrier - White polypropylene, low noise tape.
  • Adhesive - Acrylic (general purpose, not suitable for cold temperatures).
  • Text - Choice of messages including 'FRAGILE' and 'THIS WAY UP', printed in attention-grabbing red.
  • Size - 48mm (2 inch) width and 66 metres long.
  • Also available - ‘FRAGILE’ tape in a PVC material, which offers additional strength and resistance against stretching, punctures and tears.It can also be torn by hand, unlike polypropylene tapes.

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