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litewrapper being used

Below is the feedback I received from the inbound team.

1. The dispenser was very easy to use.

2. The stretch wrap held better than the current shrink wrap we are using

3. The associates like the fact that they could walk forward instead of walking backwards which is a great safety feature.

4. The pallets were wrapped quicker due to the shrink wrap being pre-stretched so they don't lose the width of wrap.

5. The associates were able to wrap taller pallets because of the dispenser.

6. Associates did not have to bend over as much and NO burning hands.

7. Some associates were using too much wrap because they were used to using the current wrap.

Over-all they like the new wrap and the Litewrapper.  I like the fact that I can get the system with paper cores or coreless which is less waste to dispose of. 

See the system in action or buy the starter kit:

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