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Our Tape pads and tape handles are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery that only produces the highest quality finished product. With a high-performance, durable plastic adhesive handle, tape handles are used for carrying heavy items and bulky boxes. They are very popular within the retail industry at the point-of-purchase, where they are applied to heavy items at the check-out register instead of placing items into wasteful plastic bags, helping to contribute to the Go Green movement.

Our tape handles are also popular within the beverage industry, where they are often automatically machine applied to shrink-wrapped beverage packs during the manufacturing process, allowing consumers to carry these heavy cases with ease. They are available in plain white or can be custom printed with your logo to cost-effectively promote your company. Our tape pads are popular in the retail industry, agricultural market and for warehouse application use. They are an excellent choice for repairing bags of mulch, seed, and pet foods.

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