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5/8" x .023 Osc High Tensile Steel Strap

High Tensile steel strapping is made to deliver optimum results across any industry load application. The High Tensile steel strapping is a cold-rolled steel with high carbon and manganese content, and is heat treated to ensure uniform tensile and elongation characteristics.

To ensure the best performance of these strapping materials, be sure to check out the full line of application equipment and accessories, including seals, hand tools, power strapping machines and dispensers. All Steel Strapping products contain 12 coils per skid.

Coil is: 100 Lbs

12 Coils per Pallet

Total Lbs per pallet is 1200 approx.

SKU:5/8" x .023 High Tensile Steel Strap

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List Price: $233.00

  • Width : 5/8"
  • Mil : .023
  • Finish : Painted & Waxed
  • Coils/Pallet : 12
  • Coil Weight : 100 lbs
  • U of M : Coil
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