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22' x 7 mil x 200' White Shrink Wrap

Polyethylene Shrink Film

Quick Heat Shrink Wrap is a premium grade polyethylene film formulated to shrink and conform to any structure when direct heat is applied. Shrink Wrap 6, 7, 8 mil is most commonly used as enclosure wrap, abatement covers, marine containment, boat wrap, transportation wrap, and packaging/storage wrap.

Quick Shrink Wrap is well known in the marketplace for its high bonding characteristics, consistent quality and shrinkablilty. Our film is made from only the highest quality raw materials and virgin resins. Shrink wrap accessories include poly seam tape, polyester strapping cord, adhesive spray glue, zipper access doors, heat guns and heat torches. All shrink wrap rolls are tightly packaged into durable boxes with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. All shrink wrap materials are tested and approved to meet today’s industrial and construction standards.


• Scaffolding containment wrap

• Weather protection enclosure wrap

• Construction abatement enclosure

• Marine ship repair containment

• Marine boat shrink wrap

• Transportation wrap

• Equipment wrap

• Packaging & material handling wrap

• Industrial plant maintenance wrap

We can supply all the materials and equipment for your shrink-wrapping requirements.

Things to consider when determining which width is correct for your application:

The width of your shrink wrap will determine one dimension of the object to be wrapped. When securing shrink wrap to an object, the best practice is to leave an extra foot of film on each side of the object to be used for tucking around the perimeter strap and fusion of the film to itself. That foot of tucked film on each side of the object allows the shrink wrap about two feet less of actual spanning width and length.

The shrink wrap roll is usually rolled out along the length of the object to be wrapped.  This means the measurement of the object's width, from perimeter strap, up and over, then down to the other side of the perimeter strap, is at least 2 feet less than the width of the roll of shrink wrap, and the length of the object is at least 2 feet less than the length of the roll of shrink wrap. The roll may be pulled over the width of an object as well, which then limits the spanning length of the shrink wrap to two feet less than the roll's width, while increasing the spanning width of the shrink wrap to nearly the length of the whole roll.


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  • Width : 22' x 200'
  • Color : White
  • U of M : Roll
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