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1" x .040 x 2500' Smooth Machine Grade Polyester Strapping

Machine Grade Polyester Strapping

High-Strength polyester strapping combines performance attributes of both plastic and steel strapping which results in a stronger strapping material. The result of extensive engineering and testing, our high-strength polyester strapping was introduced in 1990 and has since become a popular alternative to steel strapping in a variety of heavy-duty applications. This materials significant ability to absorb impacts and remain tight throughout shipping, handling and storage are due to its elongation and recovery characteristics.

Unlike steel straps, High-Strength Polyester does not rust or stain products if left exposed to the elements and reduces indentation of unprotected corners of your packaged products. In addition, High-Strength Polyester material is recyclable, safer to handle and easier on your loading equipment.

SKU:1" x .040 x 2500' Smooth Machine Grade Polyester Strapping

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List Price: $146.00

  • Width : 1"
  • Length : 2500'
  • Break Strength : 2500 Lbs
  • Grade : Machine Grade Waxed or Unwaxed
  • Coils/Pallet : 28
  • Coil Weight : 57 lbs
  • U of M : Coil
  • Color : Green
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